Dis-Pack is a leader in the production of exhibition stands, rolls, bags, displays, boxes, removable containers and cards, cases, chests of drawers, trays and briefcases for jewelers, jewelery, watchmaking; all Dis-Pack products are highly customizable, made with leather, eco-leather, wood, fine fabrics and plexiglass but above all the material is 100% made in Italy.
Each Dis-Pack product is a unique piece, a perfect synthesis of quality and attention to detail, the result of years of experience and tailored to the explicit requests of the customer.

An indispensable tool for presenting your jewelry. In lacquered or coated wood they are also designed to be stored in drawers, suitcases, furniture and safes. All customizable in the sizes, models and colors of lacquering and coating.

Our rolls are fully customizable with logo, materials and interior fittings. They are usually cm 25 × 60 but we also make the variants 30 × 25, 30 × 60, 40 × 60 and 50 × 60. The materials used range from flock to eco-leather in a vast assortment of finishes

Useful and original, the bag is a versatile alternative to the box. They are made in various shapes, sizes in faux leather and flocked fabrics.

They are used for displaying and packaging your precious items. Irreplaceable in every jewelery shop, they are created together with the customer to best meet their needs. Made mostly of coated wood, in a wide range of colors

An alternative for presentation, they are made for the various types of jewelry, with their soft and rigid container, they are indispensable for travelers. The measurements are 17 × 24, 24 × 42, 24 × 34 cm.

An indispensable tool for business travelers. They are made according to customer requirements for size and quantity of trays. Easily transportable thanks to ergonomic handles. We also produce trolleys with tested and highly resistant materials, totally Made in Italy and with safety closures.


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