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Jewelery displays

Here we are at the end of this first themed week.

We kept company by only covering some of the models in our collection of exhibitors, which you can find on our website or on our social channels Instagram and Facebook.

Today's exhibitor is made up of earrings holders that develop both in height and horizontally, thus leaving the customer the opportunity to choose according to their taste; fabric rods to be used as ring holders; it carries bracelets and finally two vertical structures on which it is possible to display necklaces with pendants or name.

The whole is made of fuchsia pink Alcantara fabric combined with a satin effect faux leather fabric in gold and brown.

To conclude, we remind you that it is possible to customize each exhibitor in shape, color, fabric and composition, thanks to our staff who work every day to make the best of the customer's ideas.

the display is the combination of fabrics: a classic light Alcantara combined with a more modern wood effect fabric, of which you can appreciate its particularities and details in the next photo.

📌 Don't hesitate to contact us! We are at your disposal for more information on availability of realization, possible customizations and prices.

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